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Mom and Jake

“Goodnight guys.” Jake’s father said to him and his mother as he passed from the kitchen into the living room where they were watching a movie, drunkenly stumbling towards the far bedroom of the trailer and slamming the door.
Jake slightly turned his head from the television toward his mother behind him where she was spread out on the couch with a comforter upon her trying to keep warm from the lack of heat and drafts coming through the windows. From the colorful lights blinking about room from the Christmas tree, he could see his mother’s head nod back and forth and her large brown eyes roll in disappointment.

At eighteen years old, Jake was quite mature for his age and knew the situation his father had put him and his mother in. His father had been terminated from his job last month and spent all his free time getting drunk. His mother worked a part-time job as a waitress at the local diner, but that was not enough income for a family of four which included his nine month old sister. He truly felt sorry for her. That was his mother and he could do nothing at his age to protect her and he mostly felt sorry because his father showed her no compassion at all.

Snoring eventually filled the hallway from the far room and his sister’s crying had subsided from sleep. Still laying his mother’s hands reached towards the coffee table in front of her and picked up her pack of cigarettes and lit one. She quietly whispered towards Jake, “Come lay with me, hunny.” “It’s cold in here! I don’t see how you can take it in just undies and a T-shirt.” He quietly put down the recliner and rose to his feet. He innocently walked toward his mother on the couch where she had the comforter invitingly lifted for his entrance. Her cigarette was still between her fingers and he could vaguely see her body. He looked at her legs but to his surprise he could see no clothing. He delicately climbed into his mother’s embrace and rested his body in between her legs and laid his head on her very large breast and she proceeded to wrap them back up with the comforter. He never looked at his mother in a sexual sense, but with her voluptuous body beneath him he became excited like he never had before. She put her cigarette to her mouth and took in a deep breath and rubbed her free hand down the full length of his back. He could feel his penis begin to enlarge uncontrollably and could feel his face blush from embarrassment because he knew it was a matter of time before his mother would feel it press against her groin.

She reached towards the coffee table and put her cigarette out in the ashtray and brushed her long brown curly hair from her eyes. The movie they were watching turned into a full blown sex scene which did not help Jake’s current situation. His mother wrapped her hands around his eyes and laughed. “I don’t believe a boy your age should be watching this!” She said with a chuckle. Jake smiled and laughed. “I’m kidding you Jake, I’m sure you’ve seen worse.” She said and released her hands for his viewing pleasure. Jake silently wished she would have left them because now his penis was growing by the second. They both lay on top of each other and watched a boyfriend and girlfriend go at it for what seemed like eternity. Jake had never watched anything like it before and the only movies his father or mother would ever let him watch was with making out and kissing scenes and even sometimes then he had to cover his eyes or go play.

“Do you like watching this?” His mother asked him with a smile. He precociously looked up at her, “Umm, ya kinda.” He could feel her hand go deeper on his back and slightly brush his underwear band. He felt her butt lift from the couch and into his virgin groin. Out of the corner of his eye he could see her nipples grow poking out of her pink t-shirt. On his bare skin he could feel that her shirt had worked its way up towards her breasts exposing her plump stomach and she was only wearing panties. Jake was confused. His mother’s eyes were locked on the television but he could feel her body squirming beneath him. She whispered, “Jake do you still hear your dad snoring?” “Ya, why?” Jake quietly responded. “Do you want to play a game with mommy”? “What kind of game is it?” He again questioned. “It’s like the game they are playing on the TV, it makes you feel good.” Without letting Jake respond she turned the movie off and sunk further into the couch. “You have to be quiet so your dad doesn’t wake up, okay?” Jake nodded his head with confusion, still unsure of his own mother’s intentions. His mother reached down and pulled his small white underwear down around his knees and proceeded to do the same with hers.

At four feet five inches, Jake was considerably shorter than his mother and very much smaller. Although, his mother was not obese, as far as he could remember she was a larger woman with a tall broad stature and very full breasts. “You cannot tell ANYONE about this Jake, you hear me?” She said in another whisper. “I won’t, mom.” However, he was still unsure exactly what was about to happen. She reached down between their intertwined legs and wrapped her soft hands around his small preadolescent penis. She rubbed it back and forth until it became rigid. Jake let out a soft whimper. “Does that feel good hunny?” “Yes.” He managed let out. At only three inches, there was not much there but his mother needed it bad and it was enough to satisfy her. She pushed her body against his pressing his now rigid penis against the opening of her cunt. She wrapped her hands around his small bare butt and pulled him into her burying his penis into her cunt. She let out a gasp. She wrapped her legs around his ankles pinning him into her while continuously thrusting. She moved her hands towards her shirt and lifted it above her breasts.

Jake stared at his mother’s huge breast for it was the first time he had ever seen a woman’s fully nude body in his life. His body was continuously thrusting back and forth penetrating his mother as deep as he could possibly go. It was the best feeling ever. He could feel juices and sweat covering his stomach and groin but he continued to pound. “Lay on your back.” She said being very quiet. He lay on his back facing the opposite direction on the couch as she had commanded. She continued to climb on him lifting her leg and found his penis. She guided it into her cunt once again. She bobbed up and down and in a twisting motion over and over again and her boobs flung up and down in front of his face. She could feel she was about to cum. It was inevitable. His small prick was barely penetrating but it was pushing all her right buttons and the feeling that fucking her own eighteen year old son was so bad, mysteriously really excited her.

She could feel him begin to shake and she knew what that meant, but she knew he didn’t for he was too young to have been exposed to sex or masturbation. She wanted to feel him cum in her and decided to let him go. She started bucking wildly and trying to muffle her moans in the head rest of the couch. She could feel him squirt in her and let out a moan of his own.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened at the far end of the hall. Jake turned his head towards the noise and could see his father stagger from the doorway to the bathroom. With his penis still inside his mother they lay there silently and hunkered down as low as they could possibly go. Within a few minutes his father again stumbled from the bathroom back to the bedroom and slammed the door. Jake’s mother rested her face on his hairless chest and begin to chuckle. “Whhhhowww!” She said.

100% fiction!

Love at first sight.

I had been at the bar for a couple of hours now, looking over the female clientele. Mostly they were together in small groups, which have always put me off approaching them. Too many times in the past I had been sent packing by snide comments from the intended’s friends, rather than the intended herself.

The crowd was starting to thin out a little though, allowing better viewing with less movement, which, considering the amount I had drank over the course of the evening, was a good thing. Too many beer bottles littered my table but it was, for me, fairly normal. I wasn’t a real go-getter at bar scenes. But, being the glutton for punishment that I was, I never stopped trying. As the jukebox stopped for the gazillionth time, the crowd parted and I saw someone new. She was sitting near the bar flap that allowed the bartender enter and exit from behind the bar. Wavy, jaw length, blonde hair framed her face. She was wearing a nicely filled white V-neck blouse, with what looked like nothing under it but flesh, a white midi-skirt short enough for me to see a pair of unadorned, and shockingly curvy, legs. White CFM heels finished the look of sensual purity. As I watched she sipped her drink, some fruity concoction based on the color, in a martini glass, rimmed with what was probably sugar. No one approached her while I was watching and that gave me some small degree of hope for myself.

Draining my beer, I headed to the bar for a refill. There was an empty spot immediately to her left. Not even a bar stool was in the space. Stepping onto that space, I waved my empty Coors bottle at the bartender and he acknowledged the wave and headed to the cooler for another. I glanced at the woman sitting there and she looked me up and down. After taking another sip from her drink, she crooked her finger at me. Looking around to make sure no one else was behind me that she may have been gesturing to, I stepped closer. She leaned into me and said, in a low and husky voice, “Hey hot stuff, do you dance? I’m getting tired of sitting on my ass waiting for someone to ask.” Glancing down to the stool top where her ass resided, I said, “Yes, I do dance, although Adolph here”, I tapped the empty still sitting in front of me, “ may have affected my rhythm some. And, if I may say, that’s a pretty fine ass to be sitting on.” The bartender slid my refill over and I dropped a fiver on the bar top for him, waving him away to keep the change. He tapped the bar with the bill and walked away. I hoisted the cold bottle and drew a mouthful from it. She did me the honor of laughing at my attempt at humor and her eyes closed down a little as she looked at me some more. “Well thanks honey, that’s a damned nice thing to say,” she said, holding her glass near mouth level. As the jukebox started its next selection, she put her glass down, took my hand and stood, tugging me towards the dance floor. As we moved from the bar, she waved at the bartender and pointed to her glass. He nodded and started making her another.

We danced to something kind of slow and she made sure I never got too far away from her. She rested her head on my chest, sliding one leg between mine and keeping her crotch pressed to my upper leg. Her warmth was arousing but I knew better than to be too overt about my thoughts, at least not yet. I had gone home alone far too often to let the cat out of the bag this soon. The music changed to a slower song and she snuggled even closer. I felt her take a deep breath and let it our slowly. She was relaxing onto our embrace and becoming more comfortable there. Her chest was warming mine nicely, her being so close to my height, and I was beginning to feel my manhood swelling. Because I had both my hands on her back, hers being wound around my neck, it was easy to slip one of my hands lower on her back, stopping it just at the upper curve of her ass. I thought about slipping it into the waistband of her skirt but then my mind woke up and reminded me, “Slow and easy dude or you will get your ass nuked real quick.” She did not react negatively to my hand placement, which I noted with pleasure. The music stopped and a fast number came up.

We looked at each other, shook our heads and walked back to the bar for our drinks. Her fresh refill was there and my beer was still making a ring of sweat on the bar top. Sitting on her stool, she put one foot on a rung and left the other on the floor. That raised her skirt hem a few more inches up her leg. Trying unsuccessfully not to notice, I waved the barkeep over and questioned him about the price of her drink, then slipped him a bill to cover it. Turning to her, I asked, “What is that you are drinking? It looks a bit on the sweet side.” She laughed and replied, “It’s a Lemon Drop. It’s like a vodka martini made with lemon juice and rimmed with sugar. It’s a girly drink, but after enough of them, I don’t notice.” I hoisted my beer to her and said, “Well, here’s to Lemon Drops and the girly-est woman here tonight.” She looked at me and smiled sweetly, “You can drink to that, but I’ll drink to Mr. Coors and the hottest stud in this place.”

We laughed about our exchange and drank to each other. She drained most of her drink with the toast and shivered slightly as the sweetness temporarily overcame her. While she was reacting to that influx of sugar, I looked her over a little more closely. She had wavy blonde hair, green eyes, pert nose, kissable lips, and a sensually curved neck leading to athletic shoulders. Further south it still looked like her breasts were unencumbered by anything other than that form fitting V-neck blouse. And the V went far enough to show nicely tanned skin on her chest. Her waist was trim but not skinny. Her hips were, suddenly I realized I was probably spending too much time on this appraisal and quickly looked back to her face. She was grinning widely at me. “Are you still checking me out? I thought you did all that from your table before you get here.”

I’m sure I blushed a little at getting caught being so blatant. I hoped the lighting was dim enough or bad enough to cover it up. “Guilty as charged. How can I make it up to you?” She leaned forward, grabbed my shirt front and said, “Give me a ride back to my place and I’ll show you.” Then she planted a lip lock on me that would have done justice to a Hoover. The music from the jukebox faded into the background as my heartbeat soared upwards, pounding in my ears. Then, I was breathing again as she picked up her glass, licking the sugar off while gazing at me over the rim. My eyelids were moving almost as fast as my heart rate. But I got the message she was conveying. Boy did I. I took a final swig of Colorado’s best and raised my hand to hers. She took it, slipping gracefully off the stool, showing me a bit more of those gorgeous legs.

We walked out into the cool night and headed for my car. I fumbled for my remote as we neared it. Nerveless fingers are notoriously hard to control. I felt like all my blood had pooled between my legs. Fortunately my erection was not the outward kind, but the upward kind, so I was able to walk without incident. As I reached forward to open the door for her, she slipped her hand under my un-tucked shirt with one hand while stroking my ass with the other. Her breasts pressed into my shoulder muscle and I finally could tell they were free under that blouse. I managed to open the door for her, and gesture her into the car. She smiled at me, kissed my cheek and stepped in. As she sat and her left leg went into the car, I got a glimpse under that skirt, much in the manner that Brittany shows herself off to the paparazzi. With nothing more than a mental camera at my disposal, I was relegated to wondering if I actually did see what I think I saw as the other leg went in and the view disappeared. Closing the door, I walked around the car to get in on my side. I walked past the door before I realized I was not paying attention to the present. I was focused on that glimpse I got that told me she was commando under the skirt as well.

I got into the car and fired it up, revving it to show off the pipes that made it growl. I glanced at her as I did that and she smirked into the darkness barely held at bay by the dashboard lights. “Save it Mario. You’ll need that power later.” I backed out of the parking spot and said, “Which way to your place?” She pointed to the left so I turned into the light traffic in that direction. “Go a mile and turn right, one block and right again. Look for the house with the white BMW in the driveway and park behind it.” In the next moment I became glad for the first time in my life that I had an automatic transmission. She reached over and took my right hand from the wheel and placed in on her left thigh, right below the skirt, which she had raised upwards to a very interesting degree. Her skin was soft and very smooth, feeling almost creamy.

There was sensual heat from a nearby source that warmed the side of my hand. She kept her hand on top of mine so I could not remove it, as if I wanted to. I moved my fingers slightly and felt her squirm under that touch. I squeezed her leg and barely heard her take a shallow, quick, breath. I was glad it didn’t take too long to drive just over a mile. Pulling into the driveway, close behind the Beemer, I shut off the engine and lights. Before I could open the door, she leaned over and pulled my head to hers again. Hoover time. Taking advantage of the fact at least some of her attention was elsewhere, I slipped my hand further up her leg and under the skirt. My fingers hit the top and I felt smooth skin everywhere. Hot, silky-smooth, and damp skin. My salivary glands shifted into overdrive. I put my other hand behind her head and held her in the kiss for a while longer. As much as I was enjoying the kiss, my ulterior motive was to keep my hand where it was as long as I could. I was soon to find out I needn’t have concerned myself with that.

Breaking the kiss, she opened her door and got out before I could avail myself of another heavenly view. I hurried to catch up to her, not wanting the cool evening to cool her off. That was one more thing I needn’t have concerned myself with. We walked up to the house where she unlocked the door and let us in. I stepped in and closed the door. She turned and pressed herself to me full length, pushing me back against the door. Her passion seemed to explode as she began pulling at my shirt buttons almost frantically. As my shirt came open fully, she dropped her hands to my pants and fumbled with the zipper. She freed my cock and began kissing her way down my chest. Just as she was to take me in her mouth I pulled her upright, picked her up and walked into what I assumed was the family room.

 I saw a couch nearby and dropped her onto it. Her legs fell open as she hit the couch and my mouth was on her in a flash. She gasped with the suddenness of the contact. I took a deep breath and went to work on her. My tongue ran over lips and clit. My lips clamped around her flesh and I sucked inwards. I dipped into her wetness and licked the juices I found there. She pressed herself to my face and began moaning. I grasped her hips so she wouldn’t dislodge me from my position. As I worked on her pussy, I felt her put one leg on the back of the couch and one on the floor. Her skirt was up around her waist and she was fully open to my view and oral ministrations. I reached upwards and fully explored her breasts through her blouse. I grasped her nipples and pulled at them, sparking their interest. As they stiffened into my hands, I pinched them both. She responded by hiking her hips toward me.

She was hot and getting hotter by the minute. Stopping to take a breath, I raised my head and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed, her head was thrown back on a couch pillow and her mouth was open. She was panting. Seeing that open mouth was too much of an invitation for me to ignore. I quickly stood, dropping my pants to the floor and kicking them, and my shorts, away. I stepped to her side and swung one leg over her to rest it on the couch. This put my cock right at her mouth. She felt the movement, opened her eyes and grinned. Grabbing it by the base she began sucking on it with abandon. Watching this lovely woman work her mouth and lips on my erection sent my passion spiraling upwards. I reached behind me and found her wetness again. I began stroking her clit while she ran her tongue all over me. Arching her back, she thrust her breasts towards me. Not wanting to miss anything, I caressed them with my other hand feeling her heat increase dramatically.

She took her mouth from my cock and stroked it while she said, “I got a problem. I want to have my cake and eat it too. Maybe I should say cock, not cake, but I want to suck you off and I want you inside me too. What can I do?” I grinned at her. “How about both?” Her eyes widened at my suggestion. I continued. “I can make love to you until you come then just before I come, I can pull out and let you suck me off. That way we both get everything we want.” I surprised myself with the degree of intelligence and clarity of thought I was exhibiting, given the circumstances of the evening, and the moment. I saw her think for a few seconds. When her eyes cleared, showing she had made a decision, she stopped stroking me and pushed me off her. I stood and she did as well. As she stepped away from the couch, she pointed to the couch. I lay on it, face up. She straddled me, facing my feet, and slid my fullness into her wetness. I had placed a pillow under my hips as I lay down, allowing me to plumb her depths better. She rode me like a good cowgirl should. I think she was planning to ride me hard and put me up wet. Seeing her sweet ass pumping on me while the white skirt framed it was very stimulating. I held on to her hips to keep her from jumping off me, she was riding so hard.

She came, slowed some, and then started speeding up again. She came again and her frequent orgasms were raising my excitement to the point of no return. She came once more and I felt mine rising to the boiling point. I began pumping into her more strongly and she must have known I was striving for my climax. I was almost there when she leaped off me, turned and dropped to her knees next to the couch. She grabbed my cock and plunged it to her mouth, sucking me deeply into her throat. She pumped my shaft and cupped my tightening balls in the other hand. A gentle squeeze drove me over the top. I began spurting into her mouth. She groaned deeply and sucked me dry. I kept coming and she kept drinking. When I finally began to slow down, she hopped up again, stepped over me and dropped her still dripping pussy over my still erect cock. She rode me again, this time facing me, until we both came once more, slamming herself against me until we knew nothing but our passion and the impending release of it. When we came, it was together and we shouted our pleasure out loud. Later, in the afterglow, we held each other closely. We were drenched in sweat and sex juices. I stroked her back and ass and she nibbled my ear and shoulder. I chuckled and said, “Hurray for Lemon Drops.” She snickered and said, “No, hurray for Mr. Coors.” We smiled ourselves to sleep. In the morning, we started all over again, without the drinks and the clothes. It was even better that way.

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